thefoodyouate said: uu, this show looks really good! would you recommend it?

Definitely! I know watching a thing with subtitles is super annoying and over the years I’ve seen a lot of people missing out on how great the Lenfilm series is because of that, but even if it irks you (as it irks me) you should give it a go! What I like most about the new one is the same thing that made me fall head over heels with the BBC’s complete radio dramatisation, it’s not an adaptation of the stories, it’s a reflection on what actually happened before Watson carefully (or not-so-carefully) edited them for publication. And Panin and Petrenko are amazing actors, like, wow. There are — in my opinion — very few Hs & Ws that are that good in not just playing a role as the public expect them (H as cold hearted perfect reasoner, W as a tag-along, ew), but being the characters and creating distinctive interpretations.

Stuff I particularly like in the episodes I’ve seen: Watson being Irish (I like the cliché Scottish A LOT but it’s nice to have a change), Holmes being terrible at all the things he’s famous for (violin-playing, boxing, pipe-smoking), how twitchy they act, loads of vocal mannerisms, how it ticks most items on my ‘dreamy H show’ list (drinks! dishevelment! beating each other up!), Watson’s discomfort with children, how shabby Holmes looks (honesty, this beard), Watson DOCTORING (and covered in blood half the time), them being really cute and affectionate. But then, also, kilts.

So, if that’s your kind of thing, spiritcc & sve-tka (and a bunch of other splendid folks) are doing an incredible job subtitling it for non-Russian speakers. You can watch it on youtube (don’t forget to turn the subs on!) or download them. Here’s a super handy masterpost!

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This show is so important.

Commission for queersherlockian!

Sometimes I can’t quite believe that “that horrible goatee” is a real canonical line. (K. made that joke and insisted that I should draw it, and there it is.)

Partners in crime investigating some mysterious crimes.

Amateur cracksmen for the Ides! Featuring a bit from David Buck’s radio scripts (that are somehow even better than the books) and that awful jacket from the TV series.

Mycroft only forwards the most important mail to his brother’s silly cottage.

What’s up with this guy and wax effigies of himself.

Some delicious (and super easy) dishes I cooked last week.

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